Seafront Amusement Arcade, Shanklin.


Come and play our collection of restored amusement arcade machines from 70s'. Open daily until 1st September 2019.


Part of the Swallow Amusement Machines group.

This arcade is for sale. £135,000 including machines. Freehold.
Business open as usual until sold.


Set on the Esplanade of one of the Islands popular sandy beaches, our Isle of Wight amusement arcade aims to give the best of games past and present. We have been gathering together a collection of older games and fruit machines which have become popular with holiday makers and locals. A working museum, also with some newer modern games. There is a full list of current games with pictures below. We have bought more games which have been restored during the winter and are now ready for the 2014 season. The maps below show you our seafront location and there is a list of links to public transport sites. You can bring the car, travel by train (ticket includes Fastcat crossing) or hovercraft to Shanklin.

Hampshire MapShanklin map

Post code for your Sat Nav is PO37 6BN

Open weekends and school holidays through out the summer months.

Here is a list of all the older games available for play in our collection. I am not to sure of some of the dates, so have had to guess in some cases.

Click on images to enlarge. Machine. Back ground information. Price of Play/Prize
Tic Tac Toe.
New for 2013 2p/£2
New for 2013. This is the game where you get 3 targets on the win line, then try to stop the flashing target feature on the Bull's Eye. Random hold after win on target feature. 2p/40p
Image Riviara
I don't know much about these, but there are many variations using the same cabinet and mechanism. I think this model was originally made in 1968 and converted in 1975. I bought both these two in good condition, but the chrome has been enamelled. Removed for servicing. 2p/£1.00
Bigger Image Bryans
One of many games made by the Bryans Works, which was first made in 1955. Originally 1d, now on 2p. The Bryans works kept production of many of their games going right up to November 2000 when the factory was destroyed by fire. Many collectors would have queued to buy new machines had any one realised this was possible. Elevenses was the biggest-selling Allwin of all time.. 2p/4p
Bigger Image Cromptons
Tip em Off
An old 1d game where the coins collect on shelves counter balanced by weights. As the coins pile up, the shelf tips over and the coins are paid out. On 1p when I bought it, now on 2p as it works better with the larger coins. Due to the simple coin slots, these will take anything you can feed through the slots. 2p/50p
Bigger Image Brenco
Silver Chest
One of my favourites found in British Rail buffets around the early seventies. Well made electromechanical game converted to take the new 10p coin. The 10p jackpot was all that was legally allowed at the time. 2p/10p
Bigger Image Bally/Summit
Bars and Sevens
This Machine is a converted Bally from the 70s'. Starting life as a Casino machine in Nevada, it was bought by Summit and converted in 1982 to a more reliable Bars and Sevens. The mechanical reel unit was replaced with a microprocessor controlled reel and payout unit then sold to a major casino. After video poker became all the rage, it was then sold to an operator in Barbados before being moved on to Ireland set 2p play and operated there. From here it found its way to a flat in London, sold on eBay to finally end up at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. 2p/£5.00
Bigger Image Ace
Casino Royale
An old 6d jackpot machine. The 320 coin jackpot would have yielded £8.00 in 6d coins. The hold feature which games followed at the time was available for every spin, except after using a hold the previous game or after a win. This explains the lack of a "Hold Now" panel. As I remember, most players were aware of this and didn't cause the confusion it produces today. Also accepted 1/-, 2/- and 2/6 coins. Now on 1p play. Currently unavailable for play. 1p/£3.20
Bigger Image Bell Fruit
Lucky Twos
Another massive 10p jackpot game from the early 70s. Originally bought and operated by "Top Twenty Phonograph and Automatic Machine Co. Ltd." later renamed "Phonomatics" which operated from Havant. They had most of the brewery contracts in the grater Portsmouth area through the 70s and 80s. A very common game at the time. No longer available. 2p/10p
Bigger Image Brenco
Wheel of Fortune
Previously on old penny made in the mid 60s'. Converted to new penny in 71. Operated in Ireland before returning to England. Now running on 2p to give it a more authentic feel. Withdrawn. 2p/20p
Bigger Image Bell Fruit
Nudge Gambler
As above, but original payout structure except the removal of the tokens. Now accepts the new 5p, 10p and 50p coins. Sold for £615 from Ruffler and Deith when new. 5p/£1.00
Bigger Image Bally
Las Vegas
. From the Bob Thompson auction. Still available in 1976 for £475 Three chips any where in view releases the chip. The player then flicks this like a mini bagatelle and can win 4p or 20p depending where it lands. Originally 5p play, but converted to 2p as no one likes 5p games here. 2p/20p
Bigger Image Brenco
Copper Prince
"Two plays for 1p" I hear them say, well not quite. After inserting your 1p the reels spin and all stop together. If you win, the game pays out and the game ends. If you don't achieve a wining line, you have a few seconds to hold any reels, before the reels automatically spin again.. You then either get a wining line or not. The cycle then stars again. A very popular game. No longer available. 1p/10p
Bigger Image Bally
Big Barrel. Model 1012.
One of my favourites. A rare floor standing Bally game. The 20p coin win on the feature was originally a 25p coin which you could replay for 13 credits. Currently unavailable for play. 2p/20p
Bigger Image Bally
3 Musketeers.
A conversion of the above game to what was then newer high pay out award of 40p. Withdrawn and for sale. £150. 2p/40p
Bigger Image Bally
Stars and Stripes
A Bally conversion from another probably better game. Only a few symbols making the game more like a Bar-X game. Removed for servicing. 2p/50p
Bigger Image Bally
From the Bob Thompson auction. This 3 coin multiplier game allows you to stake 1-3 coins. Withdrawn and for sale. £350 2p-6p/£5
Bigger Image Wondermatics
Win and Place
Apparently Wondermatics was owned and run by two gays. With this in mind a closer look at the companies logo on the machine was not quite what you would expect to find on games produced in the 50s. A popular game from my youth with a 6d payout when suitably primed by previous players. Was 1d now working on 2p 2p/12p
Bigger Image Auto Fruit Withdrawn and for sale. £475 1d-1/-
Bigger Image Games Inc. King Tap. 1970
You Tube Video.
Using projection units instead of reels, insert 1p and move paddle to "spin reels". Hold any desired symbols and move paddle to "spin again". Wins lines obtained during first "spin" should be held to pay out at end of second "spin". Plays exactly the same as "Miss new penny", a game I remember from the first year of decimalisation. Unavailable for play. 1p/10p
Bigger Image Bally Mustang. Model 903. 1970 Sought after three reel game made for the American market with holds and a 200 coin jackpot. No top glass when I rescued this from the Bob Thompson auction, so currently has a print I had made. Top glass wanted if any one has one to spare. 2p/£4
Bigger Image Bally Medalist. Model 1081. 1975 A popular and rare 5 reel game made for the American market. Actually three 3 reel games in one. Play one coin for reels 1 to 3, two coins for reels 1-3 and 2-4 and three coins to play reels 1-3, 2-4 and 3-5. Confused yet? So playing 3 coins getting first 3 cherries would pay 17 coins. 10 for first game, 5 for second game and 2 for third game. Lots of different pay outs with a complicated win detection circuit. Had one diode short circuit when I got it which with out the schematic would have been very hard to find. 2p-6p/£5
Bigger Image Cromptons Tooty Fruity, Silver Award. Light the 4 "Silver Award" lamps on the bottom row for bells and a 50p coin. From Bournemouth seafront arcade. Removed for servicing. 2p/50p
Bigger Image Bally Super Line. Model 892. 1971 New for 2014. A 4 reel game made for the American market. Reels pay left to right and right to left. 200 coin jackpot. Also pays 2 coins for any two targets, stars or sevens and 20 coins for any 3 scattered on the win line. A UK version was also made giving a £60 jackpot in 50p coins on 10p play. 2p/£4

Useful transport and other links:

Red Funnel Ferries. Southampton.
Wightlink Car Ferry and Fastcat. Portsmouth and Lymington. Look for special car ferry offers on line.
Island Line trains. Ryde to Shanklin.
Southern Vectis bus services. IOW.
Hover Travel. Southsea to Ryde by Hovercraft.
Tourist information.
Shanklin Chine.
IOW Steam railway.
Isle of Wight nostalgia picture library. Lots of pictures and local history.

Events for 2018

Shanklin Main Carnival at the Town centre - Wednesday 1st August 2018 from 7:00 to 8:30pm.
Shanklin Illuminated Carnival at the Shanklin Town - Saturday 4th August 2018 from 9:00 to 10:30pm.
Shanklin Regatta on the Shanklin Esplanade & Beach - Thursday 9th August 2018 from 1:30 pm Sandcastle, & sports competitions, stalls children's crafts and entertainment. Coastguard air and sea rescue display at around 3pm. Fireworks display at 9.30 PM Music and entertainment from 7.30 PM

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