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Here is a list of all the retro fruit machines available in our collection.

Contact us if you are interested in any of these.

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Machine. Back ground information. Price of Play/Prize
Tic Tac Toe.
Classic Bally rebuild with 100 coin jackpot. £475 2p/£2
This is the game where you get 3 targets on the win line, then try to stop the flashing target feature on the Bull's Eye. Random hold after win on target feature. Not currently available. 2p/40p
Bigger Image Brenco
Silver Chest
One of my favorites found in British Rail buffets around the early seventies. Well made electro-mechanical game converted to take the new 10p coin. The 10p jackpot was all that was legally allowed at the time. £475 2p/10p
Bigger Image Bally/Summit
Bars and Sevens
This Machine is a converted Bally from the 70s'. Starting life as a Casino machine in Nevada, it was bought by Summit and converted in 1982 to a more reliable Bars and Sevens. The mechanical reel unit was replaced with a microprocessor controlled reel and payout unit then sold to a major casino. Single or multi coin play. Wins over 1000 coins paid by hand After video poker became all the rage, it was then sold to an operator in Barbados before being moved on to Ireland set 2p play and operated there. From here it found its way to a flat in London, sold on eBay to finally end up at Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. Does not run 100% reliably. Can be set for multi-coin play. £450 2p/£20.00
Bigger Image Bell Fruit
Ten Up
Classic Bell Fruit game. Original payout structure except the removal of the 10p tokens. Now accepts the new 5p, 10p and 50p coins. Fully serviced but glass not 100%. No longer available. 5p/50p
Bigger Image Bally
Stars and Stripes
A Bally conversion from another probably better game. Only a few symbols making the game more like a Bar-X machine. £625 2p/50p
Bigger Image Auto Fruit Bet on one or more fruit symbols. The lights then cycle between them all. If you placed a bet on the winning fruit, you are paid that amount. There are loose lights that can only light on a game where bets were placed. Adjustable. Converted for 2p play. Can be converted back to old 1d coins. W55 X H78 X D25cm. £650 1d-1/- 2p/24p
Bigger Image Bally Mustang. Model 903. 1970 Sought after three reel game made for the American market with holds and a 200 coin jackpot. No top glass when I rescued this from the Bob Thompson auction, so currently has a photo print I had made up. Top glass wanted if any one has one to spare. Has a now illegal feature (UK) where three horseshoes light favorable feature for next 10 games. Not currently available. 2p/£4
Bigger Image Bally Super Line. Model 892. 1971 A 4 reel game made for the American market. Reels pay left to right and right to left. 200 coin jackpot. Also pays 2 coins for any two targets, stars or sevens and 20 coins for any 3 scattered on the win line. A UK version was also made giving a £60 jackpot in 50p coins on 10p play. Not currently available. 2p/£4

Arcade Supplies.
Crane toys and other prizes.

Click image to enlarge. Description. Price Each. Order Code.
Stock Qty.
Picture Cardboard coin cup.
93mm dia. x 83mm high.
£0.10 PR0001DL 0
Picture 500g small prizes. Pushers, Party bags etc.
Contents will vary from picture.
£7.50 PR0002DL
Picture 1Kg small prizes. Pushers, Party bags etc.
Contents will vary from picture.
£12.00 PR0003DL
Picture Rainbow Wildlife 1.
23cm. Teardrop glitter eyes.
£4.50 PR0004 0
Picture Rainbow Wildlife 2.
23cm. Teardrop glitter eyes.
£4.50 PR0005 0
Picture Rainbow Wildlife 3.
23cm. Teardrop glitter eyes.
£4.50 PR0006 0
Picture Rainbow Wildlife 4.
23cm. Teardrop glitter eyes.
£4.50 PR0007 0
Picture DC Cuties 1.
25cm. Beanie Plush.
£4.20 PR0008 0
Picture DC Cuties 2.
25cm. Beanie Plush.
£4.20 PR0009 0
Picture DC Cuties 3.
25cm. Beanie Plush.
£4.20 PR0010 YES
Picture DC Cuties 4.
25cm. Beanie Plush.
£4.20 PR0011 0
Picture DC Cuties 5.
25cm. Beanie Plush.
£4.20 PR0012 0
Picture DC Cuties 6.
25cm. Beanie Plush.
£4.20 PR0013 0
Picture DC Cuties 7.
25cm. Beanie Plush.
£4.20 PR0014 0
Picture DC Cuties 8.
25cm. Beanie Plush.
£4.20 PR0015

Seafront Amusement Arcade, Shanklin 2003 - 2019.


Sorry to say the arcade has now closed. Opened in 2003, our rare collection of retro games were available for play and were popular with our regular customers.
We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years. It has been fun, and all games that have been available over the years are listed on this page.
Most machines are available for sale and are all now located on the mainland.