Services available.

We can no longer offer machine repair or servicing on site or in the workshop.

Coin mech programming. We can reprogram Money Controls and Mars MS/ME and many other mechs for UK coins. Programming for new £1 coin now in circulation. The units must be working as this price does not include any repairs. Return shipping at standard rate. On site programming service for arcades is also available. Coin validator re programming and upgrade. To contact us about reprogramming, email or call 07752 691 474

NOTE. Due to the Royal Mint being incapable of producing two coins the same, 100% acceptance of any new issue of coins after programming can not be guaranteed. Any reprogramming required for hand taught units upgraded after 3rd April 2017 due to metal content changes in new coins will incur a £8 charge which includes return. This will possibly be an on going issue for some time until all new coins and batches in the future are well mixed.

The way modern machine software is written, some games will not see new coins on the mech, only the coins it expects to see. So some machines will only see bank A, some refuse to see any additional coins, and others go into alarm mode. Serial MPU5, new coin pound only. MPU6 often goes in to coin alarm. Modern PC based games can be problematic. Call if you are not sure.

NOTE: 2017 £1 coin programming not guaranteed with MS/ME Mars coin mechs. Due to their age, coin acceptance may vary. Coin cross over may occur. e.g. Old 1992 10p seen as £1
MS/ME111 type. NOT TS £15.00-£29.00 May or may not work.
Microcoin S5, S6 and QL and SP. £18.00
C120 £18.00
Sentinal and 220B. No £2 coin. New and old £1 coin on channel 1. £18.00 upgrade for new 10p and £1 coins.
Cashflow 330 and 340. £18.00 1st coin then £1.00 additional coin per mech.
Cashfow 126. £18.00 upgrade for 10p and £1 coins.
Cashfow A9500/9524e/A4502/A4002. All types inc. DES £18.00 upgrade for new 10p and £1 coins.
C435a £18.00 upgrade for new 10p and £1 coins.
NRI G13mft or new £1 and 10p upgrade. £18.00
RM5 and RM5 evolution. £18.00
Eagle V2. £18.00
NRI G40. £1 upgrade only. £18.00
Jofmer T40. £1 upgrade only. £20.00
Most NV9, 10 and 11 USB and USB+ note acceptors. £20.00 New polymer £5, £10 and £20 upgrade.